Friday, January 20, 2017


Today, I will talk about weekend two weeks ago. I went to Kagoshima with my boyfriend and his young teammate. They have handball tournament and I went to watch them. This is the first time to watch handball game, so I didn't know anything rules. My boyfriend taught me a lot of rules before start the game. I think handball’s rule similar with basketball. They won twice, but third game, they lost one difference in point. It was very regrettable. It is very interesting sports. I want to study about it more! I want to show him what I play tennis, so I need to practice.

Les Miserables

A stage of this story is in France in October 1815. Jean Valjean stole a bread crust because he was poor. He was in jail for 19 years. So he hates the system of society.

One day, he went to the church and he slept one night, and he stole dishes. But the Bishop permit and he said “It is present from me”. And Jean・Valjean stole the money from a boy unconsciously. At that time, Jean・Valjean notice about conscience.
One day the fire happened and he rescued a child. Child’s father thanks him and gave him a job and he changes his name to Madeleine. Finally, he became one of cities Mayors. But Javert had doubts about Jean・Valjean’s features because he lifted the carriage manve ao sa t. So, Javert started the investigation.
Fantine was working in the Factory but she was dismissed because of the rumor that she had child goes around. She needed money, so she sold her hair, some teeth and her body. One day, Jean・Valjean found her and helped, and he took her to the hospital. Javert apologized Jean・Valjean for doubting him. But Jean・Valjean confess that he is the prisoner. After that he went to the hospital quickly, and he promised her that he helps her daughter and Fantine died.
Javert was surprised about Jean・Valjean’s story, and he was tried to arrest him. Jean・ Valjean dived into the river and escaped.
Cosette is the Fantine’s daughter and working in a seedy bar. Jean・Valjean paid a lot of money and he disappears with her. I know this movie and I hear that this movie’s review is very good, but I watched this movie for the first time. I don’t like this movie because this movie is too long, so I am very tired. In a worse thing, I don’t like musical. I want to talk them usual not to sing

Apollo 13

This is a nonfiction story.
Apollo 13 was piggybacked into the air to research the moon. Captain Jim•Lovell, Fred• Haise and Ken•Mattingly would ride this space shuttle, but Ken couldn't ride because he contact with infected individual. So Jack•Swigert rode the space shuttle.
April 11th in 1970, the Apollo had start successful launch. After that day, the Apollo was flying without a trouble few days. But before few days before landing on the moon, trouble had occurred. First, the oxygen tank burst and oxygen started to flow out of the shuttle. But they still have the hope to arrive and land on the moon. However, the damage spread little by little and it was difficult to save the crew’s life. The density of Carbon dioxide was rose and they lacked electric power, so the shuttle would be frozen. The shuttle crew and the control center in the earth continued conversation with tension. Three crew had made an effort to continue conversation. Also, Ken aimed to save his co-worker and introduce the best way to save electric power.
What is worse, a new trouble became clear about the shuttle because it deviates from the course. They used the hand-operated jet. It is successful and they could get through this problem, but landing on the moon was become desperate. They changed the goal to go back to the earth safely. But trouble had occur again and again. They did not have enough weight because if they landed on the moon, they would get one hundred pounds of moon rock. They collected and discarded things. The most difficult problem was entering the atmosphere again. The signal was stopped and control center worried about the shuttle. After four minutes later, the orange parachute was found! All crew was alive! I can’t believe this story is a nonfiction story! I want to go space but I don’t want to get the experience like that. It is one of the most surprising and interesting movie in my life.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Kurokawa hot spring

Today, I will introduce you to my trip and my recommend hotel. Last year’s end, I went to Kurokawa hot spring with my boyfriend and the dinner I ate tea-ceremony dishes. It was very delicious. After the dinner, we went to the bar in that hotel. The view and mood was very good, so we could talk a lot of things with relax while drinking. Our room was also good! There has hot spring each room. I take a bath about four times! This is the Japanese-style hotel and name is Kiyashiki. If you go Kurokawa, I recommend this hotel.

Winter vacation

Happy New Year! Today I will introduce my winter vacation. I think University's winter vacation is too short!! I wanted more rest and go shopping! My winter vacation was so busy because I had part time job almost days. I worked in the movie theater in the morning to evening, and work in Izakaya at night. So I didn’t get sleep enough. New year’s day, I went to my grandparent house with my family. And I could meet a lot of cousins! I have seven cousins and all members are younger than me. Most young baby is only one and a half years old! 

Friday, December 23, 2016


I will introduce you about 4DX!! Do you know or do you hear the 4DX? It is the movie theater's new style entertainment. The seat move and it rain, snow and sometime the wind blows according to the scene of a movie. Last Friday, the 4DX was opened in the United cinemas. It is the first time to landing in Kumamoto. If you wanted to experience it, you should pay the movie charge and more 1000 yen. You may think it's a little expensive, but I recommend you! It has only 96 seats, so you should come early or reservation the seat on your phone.

Bus tour

I will talk about my last weekend! I joined bus tour with my friend. We gathered at 8 am. It is very first time for me because it was the holiday. We went Itoshima in Fukuoka where is one of the famous places for oyster. So, this bus tour main is oyster!! My friend and I ate oyster about 1 kilogram, a scallop, a squid and a turban shell. Everything was very good. If you go to eat oyster, you should be careful to bake deeply or you may get food poisoning! And I fell not good since Monday’s night.